Travelport acquires Deem, the corporate travel management platform from Enterprise Holdings for an undisclosed amount

Recent announcements by Travelport, a leading travel technology company, indicate that the company acquired Deem, a San Francisco-based company providing travel management software for businesses. 

The acquisition is expected to enhance Travelport's offerings in the corporate travel sector and bring about significant benefits for both companies and their customers. Furthermore, Deem will be integrated with the Travelport+ retail travel platform for travel advisors, strengthening Travelport offerings.

 “Now with the acquisition of Deem, Travelport will provide corporate travel with award-winning, complementary tools that are as revolutionary, modern, and easy-to-use as Travelport+,” said Greg Webb, CEO of Travelport.

With over 8 million searches per year and 1.8 million trips booked using their service, Deem has established itself as a major player in the corporate travel industry with over $ 1 billion spent annually by their customers. Making an estimated 237 million in revenue in the year 2021. A suite of travel booking and management tools that streamline the travel booking process for companies and their employees. The company's flagship product, Deem Work Fource, is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of features such as travel booking, expense management, and itinerary management, all in one place. The platform is designed to provide a better travel experience for employees while saving time and money for businesses.

In February 2021, Deem introduced the Etta corporate travel management software at its first Miles Ahead virtual conference. Business travelers may use the mobile-first program to book and manage all aspects of their travels, including flights, hotels, and vehicle rentals. This functionality is not available in all corporate travel technology: According to a 2021 GBTA poll, over 17% of mobile booking tools do not allow hotel booking, nearly 20% do not allow flight booking, and nearly 27% do not allow vehicle rental booking. Etta for mobile offers accessibility features that adhere to the Worldwide Web Consortium's AA-level criteria.

The very following year, Deem was recognized as one of the most innovative companies worldwide by “Fast Company”, in which Deem made a list alongside prestigious and big conglomerates such as SpaceX, Canva, and Microsoft. The president of Deem, David Grace, had the following to say in regard to the listing.

“The dedication and passion of our team have allowed Deem to be both proactive and reactive during an immensely challenging time for travel. I couldn’t be prouder of our product and, more importantly, our people.”

Travelport, on the other hand, is a global technology company that provides solutions to the travel industry, including travel agencies, airlines, and hotels. The company's platform connects travel providers with travel agencies and other customers, allowing them to manage bookings, payments, and other travel-related transactions. The acquisition of Deem is expected to enhance Travelport's offerings in the corporate travel sector and help the company to expand its customer base. The acquisition is also expected to bring significant benefits to Deem and its customers. 

Travelport's global network and resources are expected to provide Deem with the support it needs to expand its product offerings and reach new markets. Meanwhile, Deem's technology and expertise will enhance Travelport's existing corporate travel solutions and help the company to serve its customers better. By combining the strengths of Travelport and Deem, the companies can offer a more comprehensive and streamlined travel booking and management experience, which can help businesses to save time and money on their travel expenses. This is especially important in today's business climate, where business travelers are back on the road after the pandemic. Furthermore, with the current fear of a recession, many companies are looking for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.

“The game-changing acquisition of Deem by Travelport will fulfill a growing, post-pandemic need for a tight, fully-integrated corporate tool that will provide access to all multi-source content, including NDC,” said Greg Webb, CEO of Travelport.

In addition to the benefits for corporate travel customers, the acquisition is also expected to have positive implications for the travel industry as a whole. By bringing together two leading companies in the travel technology space, the acquisition is likely to spark innovation and competition, which could lead to new products and services that benefit travelers and travel providers alike.

Overall, the acquisition of Deem by Travelport is a significant development in the travel technology industry, with the potential to bring about major benefits for both companies and their customers. With its enhanced capabilities in the corporate travel sector, Travelport is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years ahead.