Boost bookings with TripAdvisor sponsored placements for accommodations and hotels

First step in driving new bookings for your property starts with channeling high quality traffic to your website, OTA landing pages and TripAdvisor listing.

‘Every day, millions of travelers visit TripAdvisor looking for a place to stay’. TripAdvisor is one of the biggest online, research platforms in the travel industry. TripAdvisor’s travel research platform features reviews and opinions from its community of travelers about destinations, accommodations, restaurants and activities throughout the world. A higher rank in the TripAdvisor listing would allow a bigger audience to draw attention towards your property.

In the past, the only way to make it to the top listing on TripAdvisor was via outstanding user reviews and available rooms at competitive prices. As a matter of fact, this is changing as the review and booking platform has launched Sponsored Placements. 

Sponsored Placements targets a specific and qualified audience which raises the attendance of your properties advertisement.

What does this mean for property owners and hotels? Lockoford Inn in Chesterfield, England, which is ranked #18 of 21, would be able to boost it’s presence to the top of TripAdvisor by using the Sponsored Placements advertisements.

This option benefits especially new business and those who decide to relaunch. Therefore they can promote their establishment and head for attention and reviews on the first hand.

Get the full story at TripAdvisor.

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Claudiu Simina

About Claudiu Simina

Claudiu Simina is a Partner Manager at Cultuzz Digital Media. He graduated from Universidad Jaume I (Spain) in 2012, and studied Marketing and Advertising. Claudiu works with a variety of hotels and partners across the globe to ensure that bookings through their online channels are increasing, along with an optimized online presence. With over 5 years experience with social media, review management and analytics expertise, your property will head in the right direction
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