Yanolja's calculated move: Acquiring Innsoft Inc. to strengthen North American hospitality services

In a calculated move within the global hospitality industry, South Korean entity Yanolja has finalized the acquisition of Oregon-based Innsoft Inc., signaling a deliberate effort to expand its presence and services in North America. The transaction, valued at $8.3 million, indicates Yanolja's strategic ambition to consolidate its foothold in the region's hospitality solutions market.

Yanolja: Evolution of a Hospitality Player

Founded in2005, Yanolja has progressively established itself as a key player in the hospitality sector. Initially established with the aim to reorient travel and accommodation experiences, the company has developed into a multifaceted technology-driven platform, offering an array of hospitality solutions and services. Yanolja has gradually grown its offerings, emphasizing innovation and efficiency as it evolves.

Diverse Range of Services

Yanolja's service portfolio extends across various domains, catering to both businesses and individual consumers. The company's repertoire encompasses hotel and property management solutions, as well as online booking platforms. The establishment of Yanolja Cloud Pte. has facilitated the acquisition of Innsoft Inc., with the goal of leveraging Innsoft's network and expertise to augment Yanolja's North American presence.

Strategic Expansion and SoftBank's Backing

Yanolja's recent series of acquisitions within the hospitality and food and beverage (F&B) sectors reflects a calculated expansion strategy. The company's intention to serve both businesses and consumers is evident through its diverse acquisitions, positioning it as a dynamic player within the industry. Backing from SoftBank, amounting to a substantial investment of $1.7 billion, has significantly strengthened Yanolja's capacity to execute its growth plans. This financial infusion has enabled the company not only to pursue strategic acquisitions but also to develop innovative technologies and solutions aimed at reshaping the hospitality landscape.

Innsoft Inc.: A Strategic Move

The acquisition of Innsoft Inc. underscores Yanolja's intention to harness Innsoft's resources for its North American expansion. Innsoft is recognized for its range of hotel management software solutions, with global reservation platforms such as Booking.com International B.V. and Expedia Group Inc. among its partners. Yanolja aims to leverage Innsoft's established relationships and offerings to introduce a fresh lineup of hospitality management solutions tailored for the North American market. Moreover, Yanolja's plan to introduce a new self-check-in kiosk in collaboration with Innsoft indicates the company's focus on enhancing customer experiences through technology integration.

About Innsoft, Inc.: Innovative Hotel Property Management Solutions

Innsoft, Inc. is a privately-owned company situated in Beaverton, Oregon. Founded in 1991 by Paul Sonoda, Innsoft was driven by the vision to develop affordable, turnkey hotel property management software. Innsoft has built their property management software solutions from the ground up, allowing them to provide friendly, in-house technical support, as well as integrated hardware such as digital ID scanners and signature pads. Presently, they cater to hotels and motels with a dedicated team of a round dozen employees. They position themselves as comprehensive providers of hotel software solutions, encompassing PMS, channel manager, booking button (via Siteminder), credit card processing, and signature pads for check-in. Additionally, they have plans to introduce a reputation management system in the near future.


Yanolja's progression from its founding to its current stature as a global hospitality technology contender is indicative of its vision, adaptability, and purposeful expansion. The strategic acquisition of Innsoft Inc. reflects the company's dedication to extending its presence in North America. With SoftBank's substantial support and a strategic approach to acquisitions, Yanolja is positioned to influence the hospitality landscape by delivering solutions that cater to businesses and consumers alike. As the industry continues to evolve, Yanolja remains a significant contributor to its transformation, contributing to the redefinition of the hospitality landscape.