Why Hyatt is acquiring Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels

Hyatt Hotels Corp. has struck an agreement to acquire London-based travel club and hotel booking service Mr & Mrs Smith for GBP 53m. The platform Mr & Mrs Smith was founded in 2003 and describes itself as the “travel club for hotel lovers.” The company specializes in boutique and luxury properties, showcasing a collection of more than 1,500 hand-picked and anonymously reviewed hotels and villas.

Hyatt said the acquisition strengthens its distribution capabilities, especially across Europe, by connecting it to additional hotel owners and more than 1 million members of Mr & Mrs Smith’s loyalty program.

Hyatt’s acquisition of Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels was likely motivated by a desire to expand their presence in the luxury boutique hotel market. Mr & Mrs Smith has a strong reputation for curating and managing unique and high-quality boutique hotels in desirable locations around the world. By acquiring Mr & Mrs Smith, Hyatt can leverage their expertise and expand their offerings to cater to the growing demand for unique, personalized travel experiences.

The acquisition also allows Hyatt to tap into Mr & Mrs Smith’s loyal customer base, which includes affluent travellers who prioritize style, design, and personalized service in their hotel stays. This can help Hyatt attract new customers and retain existing ones by offering them access to a wider range of boutique hotels and experiences.

Overall, the acquisition of Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels is part of Hyatt’s broader strategy to diversify their portfolio, expand their global reach, and appeal to a broader range of travellers.