Ryanair Rooms as hotel accommodation provider

12 months ago Ryanair announced the addition of Ryanair Rooms to their catalogue of services and products. Now it’s ‘taking off’ in the hospitality industry as a company to watch. Ryanair Rooms helps you conveniently book the best accommodation deals, selecting from over 1 million rooms worldwide and tie in your flights to an easy package. They’re looking to offer guests the ‘full travel package’ to increase convenience and stop travel-hungry guests routing around online. Time is money today and to fill your rooms you need to make it as simple as possible for potential guests to find and book them.

If you are looking to increase the visibility of your hotel and obtain more bookings, this could be your ticket! By selling bedrooms with Ryanair, you can be part of their vision where guests create their own holiday package with the luxury of not leaving their website. Guests are now looking for the best prices for their holidays without having to shop around. With all the MetaSearches appearing, holidaymakers now don’t need to spend hours looking on the internet hunting for the best deals; there’s nifty websites to do that for them. By featuring on such sites will increase your occupancy and bedroom bookings. For assistance regarding listing your property, contact us via email: info@bookingbooster.com or on the phone:+44(0)1246 852 089