How to make Ctrip part of every hotel distribution strategy and why to register an account

Updated 25 Jun 2020

Ctrip is a OTA (Online Travel Agent) that many hotels and technology providers talk about. I first got introduced to this channel when The Booking Factory PMS(Property Management System) partner, has insisted in having a connection as many hotels from his portfolio asked for such a channel. I then asked, how many bookings does this booking channel generate? No clear statistics were offered back then in 2017. Not even the GBV(Gross Booking Revenue) that this Ctrip, relatively new Internet Distribution System is making.

In just the first three months of 2018, Ctrip earned $170 million, 19 times more than its earnings during the first quarter of 2017. This growth makes Ctrip an interesting booking website for the distribution strategy of every hotel.

But is not just the revenue generated, hotels are keen in receiving the new wave of Chinese guests and Ctrip is specialized on this local market being the market leader. Chinese tourists are affluent and are taken as an exotic tourist group.

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Since my first contact with Ctrip in 2016-2017, there are many hotels that approached us to help them with opening an account with the online booking portal and we successfully helped them. Last property that has contacted us is a Resort Boutique Hotel from India.

Are you interested in settings up Ctrip as part of your hotel distribution strategy? Do not hesitate to contact us. CultBooking, hotel booking engine and channel manager, expert in hotel online distribution, will be happy to help you. Here is our direct email: