Hotel Group Dorado Plaza and Cultuzz

The travel and tourism industry is highly growing and changing day by day. Companies and organizations in this sector must make sure that they do all it takes to satisfy their customers’ changing needs. Customers mainly want services that are easy to access, cost friendly and also of appropriate quality. This is why Hotel Group Dorado Plaza has launched its most recent project that is aimed at making sure that their customers get the best in hotel checking and bookings. This project, which was launched in partnership with Cultuzz allows customers to check and book hotel rooms via eBay.

Hotel Group Dorado Plaza is furnished with a unique blend of tradition, modern and postmodern furniture styles giving it a sense of style and making it trendy and classic. The launch of this new project has made the hotel to be the first one from South America and Columbia to sell hotel vouchers in eBay. These offers were developed and are available in Germany, Austria and the Great Britain. The information about these offers can be easily accessed anytime via eBay. The hotel has been able to establish a strong presence in the Colombian market within a few years.

Cultuzz is an information technology company that specializes in hotel checking and bookings and is actually the leading provider in the field of hotel voucher sales on eBay. This partnership with Hotel Group Dorado Plaza was made to ensure direct booking of hotel products within eBay’s purchase processing. Cultuzz has been in the market for twelve years and is the only company that can effectively implement an availability calendar on eBay.

The launch of this project brought about major developments in the traveling and tourism sector as now customers are able to get value for their money through the cost efficient two to three nights package. Cultuzz is also expanding internationally and they are having offices in Bogota-Colombia where the first offer is already live. Other attractive offers are in Bled Slovenia, Vilnius-Lithuania, Poland and Spain, just to mention a few hot destinations. The main target customers for this project are heavy travellers from Germany and UK. However, anyone can access these offers through the eBay website at or

The performance from this new project has been a source of pride to the hotel and mainly the management was very impressed. The CEO was quoted saying that “We are proud of this outstanding achievement. Once again it clear that our company is ahead of its time with this new development.”

This project is a move in the right direction for Hotel Group Dorado Plaza that will make their services international. By selling vouchers on eBay with the help of Cultuzz, the hotel is able to reach international customers who visit eBay to get good offers and prices. This shows that the company is actually ahead of its time just as the CEO said and it is able to cope with the dynamics and changing nature of the field they operate in. now customers can enjoy great packages at friendly prices and also with ease of success via eBay.