Hotel Chatbots and Instant Messaging Systems

Updated 25 Jun 2020

Last year was deemed ‘The year of the chat box’, so if you’ve not got one for your business; you’re already ‘so last year’.

Taking leadership from Siri and Google Now, companies are keen to connect with potential clients quicker than ever before. By offering speedy conversations 24/7 there’s a host of benefits to adding a chat box to your web page. By increasing your communication with guests, they’re likely to have a smoother and more enjoyable experience. The larger travel companies have already implemented them on their web pages with Independent Hotels also being able to offer Instant Messenger on their sites.

Your reception team can be entrusted to monitor the chats and respond immediately to any queries potential guests have whilst browsing through your website. From questions about your facilities, to checking availability and booking a table for dinner, quick responses can be given to your guests.

With the huge surge of online bookings in the hospitality industry in recent years, having a good, concise and easy to navigate website is crucial for success. As everyone uses the same technology nowadays, it’s important to give your property a unique selling-point over your competitors.

By making a good first impression with an easy to use website along with the added bonus of a friendly chat box in the bottom right corner is a recipe for success! When potential customers are shopping around for the perfect accommodation, the more effortless, tranquil and enjoyable you make it for them, the higher chance of a successful conversion. Who does not welcome more bookings? CultBooking is digital native agency that help properties around the world be more effective with direct bookings. Talk to us:

CultBooking has also own chat box and instant messaging system on its website. So that you can easly connect and contact us.