Five ways to Help Advertise Your Hotel Through Covid-19

The pandemic hugely impacts the hospitality industry, and to advertise your business through Covid-19 is difficult.

Here are some thoughts which might help you with this challenging task.

1. Be kind to the community

The present situation is hurting your employees. It’s essential to show that their well-being and happiness matter to you as your kindness will significantly improve their loyalty. Free rooms or discounted prices are a few examples of things you can give to them.

The public love to observe kindness in the businesses they are involved with, so make sure that you show your good actions via social media platforms.

2. Focus your efforts on existing clients

Customers around the world are excited to start traveling again. The ones who already know your hotel will be more prone to book a room as they already experienced the quality of your services.

It’s a good idea to contact your customers to keep them informed of how your business deals with the crisis. You can, by example, create an advertising campaign via emails telling them how you are excited to welcome them again soon.

3. Direct advantages and upgrades are keys for advertising your property through Covid-19

It is not desirable to cut the prices of your rooms as it might increase your booking rate in the short-term, but it will not be easy to overcome in the long run.

A smarter way to increase your reservation rate is to add substance to the stay of your guests. There are endless opportunities to do that. You can offer a suite upgrade or create special promotions with drinks and dinners included. You can also provide a stay prolongation at a reduced price.

Consider a supple cancelation policy as it will help you win the bookings of tourists who don’t want to risk wasting money if they have to cancel their stay.

4. Add a direct action bar on your website pages

When you communicate your current promotions via your website, clients are often interested but are unsure how to avail them and are left searching around the booking page to figure out how it works.

The best method to avoid this kind of situation is by using a direct action button. It highlights the discounts you’re offering and will allow your customers to benefit from them directly.

5. Hotel metasearch engines might help your business

A hotel metasearch engine is a tool that analyzes room prices and availability online and displays the results in one place. Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, Trivago, to mention a few, offer this system.

More and more travelers use this service to book their vacations. Using one of them will boost your reservation rate, lessen your distribution expense, and magnify your online presence.

Be sure we will get through it

It is crucial to recognize that this challenging situation is an excellent opportunity to plan for the future.
Soon the world will recover and start traveling again. If you play your cards right, your hotel can emerge more popular and successful than before.

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