Facebook Direct Bookings with CultBooking

In the digital era, every hotel understands the importance of an online presence to attract business. However, a dedicated website is not enough anymore- social media is currently leading the trend, as an increasing number of customers using Facebook as a way of finding hotels and other accommodation. Many hotel owners already make use of the “Contact” button which allows potential guests to reach out to them directly if they have an enquiry. However, you might not know that now, Facebook has implemented a “Book Now” button, which allows people to directly book a room through one click via your Facebook page. This makes the lead generation process a whole lot simpler- in fact, the leads literally close themselves. Coupled with a free booking engine like the one offered by Cultuzz, this is an extremely important development in the tourism industry, so if you’re not already using this feature, you should certainly consider activating it right away.

Where to activate “Book Now” inside Facebook?
Like many Facebook features, the “Book Now” button has been designed to be as easy as possible to activate. To do so, just go to your profile, click the “Call Now” or equivalent button, and then change it to “Book Now”. You’ll be prompted to insert a link to your booking page- if you don’t already have one, then Cultuzz offer a free booking engine that allows you to immediately start taking bookings. This button can also be used on your own dedicated website, so it is certainly a versatile tool for hotel owners.

What benefits you have by using a booking engine on Facebook and your own hotel website?
External booking engines are a great way to save on expensive IT costs while still reaping the benefits of a digital booking system. Using an external booking engine also saves your staff plenty of time- they will no longer have to process bookings themselves, allowing them to focus on the immediate running of your hotel instead. A booking engine therefore not only helps you to attract more bookings, but it also ensures that nothing goes amiss while your guests stay with you. Moreover, you will be able to save commissions charged by OTA’s.

By combining the “Book Now” button with Cultuzz’s free booking engine, it’s easier than ever to provide your customers with an online booking process that makes everything a whole lot simpler. So, if you want to make full use of social media, and see a few more bookings while you’re at it, then make sure you harness the power of Cultuzz and Facebook today. The keyword to access production of the Booking Engine is: “onlinehoteldistribution“. Use it when you send us a message by clicking here.