Clarity Business Travel's Acquisition of Agiito and Evolvi

In a groundbreaking development within the travel industry, Clarity Business Travel, headquartered in Manchester and operating primarily in the United Kingdom, has executed a strategic acquisition of Agiito and Evolvi from Capita plc. Valued at an enterprise value of GBP 36.5 million on a cash-free, debt-free basis, this acquisition promises to reshape the corporate travel management landscape in the United Kingdom and beyond. In this article, we will delve into the details of this pivotal acquisition, highlighting the key players involved and the profound implications it carries.

Key Players in the Acquisition

At the heart of this transformative acquisition are three key players, each contributing their unique strengths and expertise to the deal:

Clarity Business Travel: Clarity Business Travel, a part of the UK's Portman Travel Group, is a well-established corporate travel agency known for its excellence in travel management. With a reputation built on delivering top-notch travel solutions, Clarity Business Travel operates primarily in the United Kingdom, serving clients with a global footprint. In 2021, the company spent more than GBP 2 billion with nearly 21,000 suppliers in 82 countries, with 81% of suppliers based in the United Kingdom.

Agiito (Formerly Capita Travel and Events): Agiito, previously known as Capita Travel and Events, has cemented its position as a formidable player in corporate travel, meetings, and events management. With a rich history and extensive industry experience, Agiito underwent a rebranding in July 2021, reflecting its commitment to evolving with the changing landscape of corporate travel. The company's strong track record and steady growth are exemplified by reporting revenues of GBP 27.2 million in 2022, with a pre-tax profit of GBP 2.4 million. Notably, Agiito reported gross sales for 2022 amounting to an impressive GBP 273 million. Agiito Limited, formerly known as "Capita Travel and Events Limited," has released its Strategic Report for the year ending on December 31, 2022.

Evolvi: Evolvi is a specialized B2B rail ticket issuing platform provider, offering a vital rail booking tool tailored for travel management companies. Renowned for its efficiency and expertise in the rail travel sector, Evolvi's inclusion in this acquisition brings a crucial dimension to Clarity's expanding suite of services.

Together, these key players are poised to create a dynamic synergy, capitalizing on their collective strengths to usher in a new era of corporate travel management.

Strategic Expansion and Financial Implications

This acquisition represents a significant move in Clarity's strategic expansion plan, aimed at fortifying its presence in the corporate travel industry. Capita plc expects to receive cash proceeds of GBP 16 million from Clarity, accounting for the working capital and debt liabilities. This deal not only benefits Clarity but also aids Capita in reducing its debt and streamlining its operations.

Leadership Transition and a Comprehensive Service Portfolio

As part of the acquisition, the senior management teams and employees of Agiito and Evolvi will transition to Clarity. Pat McDonagh, Clarity's CEO, will lead the combined operation. This transition promises to leverage the strengths of all three entities, offering a comprehensive suite of services to corporate clients.

Regulatory Approval and Government Accounts

The finalization of this acquisition is contingent on receiving approval under the National Security and Investment Act, suggesting that government accounts could be among Agiito's clients. This factor adds a compelling dimension to the deal, potentially expanding Clarity's reach into governmental travel management.

Implications for the Travel Industry

The acquisition of Agiito and Evolvi by Clarity Business Travel carries profound implications for both the company and the broader travel industry:

Market Reshaping: Clarity's acquisition propels it into the ranks of the top five Travel Management Companies (TMCs) in the UK and the top ten in Europe. This newfound scale is poised to reshape the competitive landscape.

Diversified Services: With Agiito's expertise in meetings and events management and Evolvi's specialization in rail bookings, Clarity can now offer a more diversified range of services to its clients, solidifying its status as a comprehensive travel solution provider.

Technological Innovation: Pat McDonagh, Clarity's CEO, has hinted at significant technology launches later in the year. These innovations could introduce transformative solutions to the corporate travel space, further enhancing the company's offerings.


In conclusion, Clarity Business Travel's acquisition of Agiito and Evolvi signifies a strategic shift with far-reaching implications. Beyond strengthening Clarity's market position, this acquisition promises to enhance services and innovation in the corporate travel sector. As the deal awaits regulatory approval, the future of corporate travel management in the UK and beyond looks promising under the Clarity banner. This move signifies a dynamic shift in the industry, setting the stage for growth and transformation.