What is the best channel manager for small hotels? (2020)

Updated June 2020

Every property owner, at a certain stage stops and asks himself: “What is the best channel manager for small hotels?” It is a very valid concern as the market is flooded with channel manager software for small and medium-sized hotels.

So which is the best? Answer is quite simple: all of them 🙂. Technology is extremely robust nowadays, that we have reached a point where there is little differentiation in terms of technological performance. Main difference is in value delivered. Some companies deliver high levels of service and others pure technology with limited support. Often hoteliers find themselves alone with a dashboard they do not know how to operate and afraid of touching buttons, so that not to brake something.

Are you looking for a channel manager that is providing added value as
– Native language support in English
– Local team based in Chesterfield (UK)
– Business partner mentality, focused on revenue growth

Talk with the CultBooking Team for a complete analysis of your online performance. Channel management is provided for free with no extra charge. You may use the channel manager technology or not, CultBooking has experience optimizing online presence with whatever technology or company being used for Channel Management or PMS(Property Management Systems). For questions and details write to: info@cultbooking.com