Airbnb connected via 2 way XML

Cultuzz Digital Media, has finished in December 2017 development towards Airbnb booking website. There has been programmed a 2-way XML interface to Airbnb API using a third party provider. This channel connection is available to all the brands of Cultuzz channel manager:CultSwitch, BookingBooster, RecommendedHotels, MappingMaster

With this development, it is possible to send room availability data and prices to Airbnb directly from the front office system (PMS) of the hotel. Reservations received by Airbnb are also transferred directly to the hotel’s system.

Hotels, apartments, villas and B&Bs can use this link to Airbnb for instant bookings synchronized with the rest of OTA and hotel own bookings website. By May 2018, there are 3 properties connected: 2 from Slovenia and 1 from Portugal. The last connection has been done on 24 April 2018 for Hiša Pod Gradom Apartments and there are already 2 bookings processed via Airbnb. Do you need a channel manager for Airbnb?

About BookingBooster: help and support

BookingBooster is a marketing agency specialized in online hotel distribution, providing full services to property owners interested in increasing their online presence and revenue.

BookingBooster will open new bookings systems and help connect them to your channel manager and PMS(Property Management System). There is also included a free channel manager along with advisory services.

Interested in hotel marketing channels, hotel management systems, and central reservation systems. Do you need a channel manager for Airbnb?
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Claudiu Simina

About Claudiu Simina

Claudiu Simina is a Partner Manager at Cultuzz Digital Media. He graduated from Universidad Jaume I (Spain) in 2012, and studied Marketing and Advertising. Claudiu works with a variety of hotels and partners across the globe to ensure that bookings through their online channels are increasing, along with an optimized online presence. With over 5 years experience with social media, review management and analytics expertise, your property will head in the right direction
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