3 Main Cloud Based Hotel Software Solutions each Property Should Have


Cloud based technology is becoming a standard for every hotel around the world, looking for a reliable solution that is cost effective, easy to manage, saves time and avoids breakdowns. The trend is to migrate from the old business model with costly systems, where a hotel had to buy the software along with the hardware: computers, laptops or reception terminals. It’s not a surprise that global hospitality companies that are considered traditional and conservative, have launched a cloud based version of their systems to expand at international level, keeping the pace with the latest innovation and technology development.

In this article we will discover which solutions are used by the modern hotel of 2016 and 2017. The below software is a must have for every property that wants to make serious profit from online reservations and efficiently administrate offline operations.

How does cloud based technology work? What are the benefits to your hotel? Which hotel software is available on the market?

Cloud computing is described as a type of internet based service that counts on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or hardware to handle applications and services; for more information on the subject click on the link. Following are described 3 Main Cloud-Based Hotel Systems that will catapult your hotel in the new digital era.

1. Property Management Software(PMS)
Front-office tool that manages every department, from offline reservations to administration through restaurants, bars, meeting rooms and spas. It offers the option to integrate online distribution via a channel management system. You will be able to take care of your guests before, during and after their stay by creating customized offers and measuring customer satisfactions via a various modules, like for example a feedback module.

2. Channel Manager
Cloud based software that connects your hotel, hostel, apartment, holiday villa or guest house to online distribution channels as Hrs.com, Hotel.de, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia.com and many more reservations platforms, at the same time through a single system. You will be able to automate all online processes within an all in one solution, saving time by eliminating manual entries and not having to log-in separately in 5 or 6 systems. Human errors are reduced and you will have an overbooking insurance 24/7. Your revenue will increase as you are able to add unlimited number of channels, extranets or booking websites, gaining more online presence and in consequence more tourists from around the world.

3. Feedback and Review System
Technology collecting reviews from all the World Wide Web and reservations platforms. Information is organized within a dashboard, in an easy way so that each property owner has access to insights that help to take the right decisions. Comments and reviews are collected by sending post-stay emails. The feedback is displayed via a widget directly on website of the hotel, building trust and confidence among the future tourists looking to make a reservation. So the feedback system is a tool helping management with internal strategies and your future guest to be confident that your hotel or property is the right place for him to stay.

Marketplace for reliable applications

Maybe you are wondering, where to find a high performing PMS that meets all your requirements? Moreover, you need your channel manager to be integrated with your property management system and review management module. Property owners and hotels want to have all in one solution, so that they do not need to learn new systems all the time, but manage everything from one access point. When possible, do everything with just one click.

The leading company for online reputation and review management has launched in 2016 a market place, represented by a portfolio of high quality solutions for property owners. The market place has a section dedicated to cloud based hotel software, where you will be able to find the right partner for your property.

Inside the market place of Customer Alliance, you may choose between the following Property Management Systems: Ibelsa (made in Germany) 5stelle(Italian design) Hoteltime(UK based)

Of course, you want your PMS to be connected to online reservations platforms. Mappingmaster Channel Manager software distributes your rooms to unlimited number of OTAs or travel websites. The technology behind the channel manager is provided by Cultuzz, operating over 12 years in online distribution. You will get Swiss quality along with a German engine, the best combination.

Same as your own reputation is important, Customer Alliance will help you build and maintain a 5star hotel image through their review management tool.


All of these cloud-based solutions have unique features to offer, and it is likely that some will adapt better to your needs than others. At the end of the day, they are helping you better administrate offline and online operations of your property.
If your team is better equipped when handling reservations, they will have more time for your precious guests. Better attention can be given to details so that your property receives 5stars on Tripadvisor. Your reception staff can concentrate on selling strategies and ongoing improvements. We strongly recommend to try each solution for yourself, drive conclusions and analyze the performance.